You, the electron E'min, are stuck in the small world of an atom. Collecting energetic photons, with the right energies, will allow you to get get enough energy to escape the atom entirely.

Enjoy jumping from atom to atom, maybe you will even remember some of the names :)

There is no end to the game, just an endless line of atoms. Score are only for your own enjoyment, and has no consequences to the player.

Controls: Mouse only

Game rules:

The energy of the photons needed to escape is indicated by the color of the outermost orbit color. In the bottom you have the same information, plus a valid range of energies (colors) that you can safely hit. If you collect a photon with to much energy, you will be overexcited for a couple of seconds, if you hit a photon with to little energy you will just be pushed around a bit.

When absorbing a photon, locate yourself so the momentum will carry you out of the atom to escape.

Atoms with very low and very high masses, are very hard to escape from.
Photons needed to escape the low Atoms are limited in energy and most have way to much energy.
For atoms with high masses only few photons have enough energy to allow you to escape.

Just relax and wait for the right one to come by and let you journey out into the world. ;)

Everything was created within the 48 hours of the Ludum Dare 38 - Theme: A Small World

Thanks for playing. :)


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