Very small game, made for the #7daydev jam.

It's called "Blind Maze Runner" as the idea started out totally different from what it ended up being. But who cares what it's called.

You find yourself in a dark dungeon, and you apparently don't like the scenery. So you have to try to find your way out.

Controls - w,a,s,d

Copyright/Attribution Notice:
Sprites: Stephen Challener (Redshrike) and @JoeCreates, hosted by

Music: "Dark Ambience Loop by Iwan Gabovitch"

Bug fixes:
Diamonds now have the correct sprite (WebGL version).
Exit button in settings menu now exits the game (windows version only)

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
GenreRole Playing
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few seconds


Download 12 MB
Download 14 MB


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Really like the atmosphere you've established and, like Aika, the game makes my heart race :P

Thanks for for the kind words and for playing.. :)

Great idea for a little game. My heart rate was soaring when those red blob bastards were on my tail! I would have like a game over screen that tells me my score and saves my record but except for that I think it's stellar especially for a #7daydev job!

Thanks for playing.. :) I didn't want a score at all, either you survive and escaped (Guess no one ever will, it might be a teensy bit to hard) or you die. Nothing in between ;)