Small game created for the JimJam jam. 
The game is inspired by depression and an old hand-held Nintendo game called Green House.

The goal of the game: You have to defend your brain against bad thoughts infecting your neurons. 

Controls: wasd/arrow keys and space.

Short, fast, and bugs should be expected. And yes, you can turn the "music" off ;)

Now, go make games! :)


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Scored 11 =D neat game dude! Although I wasn't sure what I was doing for the first 10 minutes lol!


Thanks for playing :)
I still like the idea, that you have to figure things out for yourself. Just like in the old days, before everything could be found on the internet.
And I know there are some bugs, but that's the way it is with short game jams, and I've learned to be ok with that :)

Makes sense and it worked, cause I wanted to work out how to play it! =D 


What is it they say.... "Great minds, think alike." right ;)

The thing that threw me off was that the bottom neurons look closer to the center than the bottom paths, so it took me a while to realize I had to go to the bottom, and even then, I still went to the center by accident. If you draw the neurons close to the bottom path, it'll feel a lot better.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback :)